The Lightning Whelk
The Lightning Whelk

The Lightning Whelk seems an appropriate shell for our club emblem as it commonly found in the Englewood area which is located in the "Lightning Capital of The World" . It is colorful and grows large, hopefully describing our club.

It's common name derives from the streaks on the shell which appear to resemble lightning flashes.

The shell's scientific name is Busycon contrarium, Conrad 1840 and indicates the way it grows with a left spiral contrary to the way of most other shells.

Lightning Whelks are found in many sizes and are perfectly formed even when miniature.
The example above is a 1 inch shell found on Englewood Beach which was scanned directly on a flat bed scanner and enlarged.

These Whelks grow up to about 15 inches and feed on clams forcing them open with the edge of it's shell and uses a tongue like tube with teeth on it to eat the meat.

Enlarge Image

Lightning Whelk top view
Note the resemblance of the shell to flashes of Lightning

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